SLR. CLUB Event Calendar

SLR Jubilee Logo

I have proven my practical skills as an illustrator working as a freelancer for the agency ECD, where I have created a special jubilee logo for the 10th anniversary of SLR. CLUB. Instead of a usual laurel wreath a crown familiar from motor sports events is used as a decorative element. In addition I've drawn a couple of maps for the SLR Event Calendar which publishes the jubilee logo as well as some further graphics.

Folder Kulturspaziergang

Kunst, Kultur & Palaver

In eastside Stuttgart the event Art, Culture and Talks took place in 2013 for the first time. The organisers commissioned me to create a folder providing information about the participating galleries, shops and artists as well as showing them on a map.

Heraldic Sign

Emossed in hand-made paper

Contemporary execution of a heraldic family sign. A very elegant hand-made paper was embossed in two layers. The Sign was used on the letterhead and the envelope


Image Brochure

Image brochure in four languages for the manufacturer of hand-made hunting rifles Merkel. Central elements of the brochure were the key features safety, ergonomy and handling and also the technical details of the hand-made bolt-action. I did the concept and the design for the agency id pool.


Sven Bach

Nutrition Consultant

For Sven Bach a self-employed nutrition consultant I created the complete business equipment. Besides logo and website I created the business cards, the letterhead as well as a info brochure and two presentations with the topic healthy diet.

HM Messen

Fair & Exhibition Concepts

Beside the logo-type I developed the business card and the letterhead for Hartmann Messen, a fair and exhibition conception and construction company.


Hair Extensions

For the client Sarah Metzler I designed the logo, flyers and business cards, as well as gift coupons, bonus coupons and the website.


Hip Hop crew

For the hip hop crew KmH I developed a strong logo to to enhance the visibility of the band. The logo is used on flyers, concert posters and t-shirts.

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