Exhibition Heller

July 2013

As a member of the Stuttgart Art Association I exhibited in a café near Stuttgart's city centre. This solo exhibition intended to give a review of both new and earlier works. Selling three screen prints was very gratifying and provided me a real sense of achievement.

Gallery Art & Antik

June 2013

In June 2013 I showed my work at Sarah Haberkern's gallery Art & Antik for the third time. Entitled »Reality/Virtuality« screen prints were presented which I had recently printed at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. New works included some portraits sized A1 and smaller formats based on drawings from my sketchbook.


Group-Exhibition Künstlerbund

Members of the Stuttgarter Art Association exhibited in the Academy of the Chamber of Crafts under the theme force. I showed the Cadillac-Series.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

August 2012

The members of the Stuttgarter Artist House, who work in the workshops of the Club, organized and realized an exhibition with the subject »Zinnober« (vermilion). This exhibiton took place during the summer months. My contribution to the show was the work titled »Reality TV«, five fake TVs with screenprinted images on their surface.

Artists Association

June/July 2012

The new members of the association showed their work in a group show. The exhibition took place at the very central location of the Künstgebäude at the square next to the cities new palace.

Exposed on the Art KA

Gallery Renz

On the international art fair Art Karlsruhe the Gallery Renz showed two of my prints on their booth. One of them  from the Super Slut series was created during my MA course and the other one from the series »Cadillac – Havana, Las Vegas, Casablanca« was created in 2011.

Lange Nacht der Museen

Gallery Renz

On Saturday the 17th of March 2012 the long night of the museums took place. As part of this event the gallery Renz showed my screen-print-series »Super Slut« and the series »Cadillac – Havana, Casablanca, Las Vegas«.

Gallery Art & Antik

05 – 20 Oktober 2011

In Stuttgart I exhibited artworks realised in screen-prints with the title »Reality RMX« consisting of two canvases with the measurements 200 x 80 cm and four prints on A3 paper with embossing, furthermore three prints from the »Constantin Series« on wood.

Final Show: Shift

September 2011

Final Show of the Master of Arts students year 2010/2011 at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. In the background you can see my final work in The Gallery, the university´s incorporated gallery.

MoDiP Exhibiition

July – September 2011

Visit the blog of the Museum of Design in Plastics.

D.I.Y. - Gallery Soup

Bournemouth – Nov 2010

In November 2010 I participated in the group exhibition D.I.Y. in the Gallery Soup with some of my sculptures.
Beside the host Jonathan Shelper participated Rebecca Strain (both master students at the AUCB in Bournemouth) as well as the artists Ilse Black and Luca Illiano.

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